The first type of PVC floor that we mention is the floating one .

Floating is an alternative way of laying floors to the classic use of ceramic and glue. We often speak indiscriminately of floating and floating . The words can mislead us. In fact, the definition of floating comes from English, a language in which the verb “to float” means to float.

But in reality the floating involves the dry laying of the tiles on a mat that acts as an interface with the floor below. And it differs from the floating floor, more properly called raised , which involves the laying of actual tiles physically detached from the underlying support as they rest on special feet laminate flooring in cincinnati oh.

With vinyl you can recreate various geometries and various effects and the practice usually involves an interlocking laying method, of the male-female type. Its thickness is minimal, about 2, 3 or 4 millimeters and it can be cut and worked with a simple cutter, using a square for regular and square cuts.

This is a type of work that lends itself well to DIY, as being a dry positioning system it can be done, undone and manipulated until we are completely satisfied with the result. This is an important factor since, if we proceed with the DIY, we are certainly self-taught.

Adhesive vinyl floors

In addition to what has been seen, another possibility is adhesive tiles . These can be attached directly to the underlying substrate and are also suitable for wall cladding. Speaking of this topic, we suggest you find out about “ Kitchen adhesive tiles: a valid alternative to ceramics ”.

If we intend to proceed with the DIY, in this case we need to pay more attention to the procedure. In fact, these are highly adhesive materials and therefore do not allow us the margin of maneuver of floating systems.

LVT vinyl floors: high quality of vinyl products

Now let’s talk about the case of LVT floors . This acronym stands for Luxury Vinyl Tile.

So, in fact, high quality vinyl flooring. How tall? In fact, a lot. A typical example of LVT floors are fake parquet . The word fake must not deceive us. In fact, LVT is truly a quality product and its ability to simulate real materials is remarkable. One could remain and observe an LVT parquet to try to convince oneself whether it is true or not. In fact, LVT manages to manage light reflections and the roughness of the material well.