Are you looking for a good variety of actuators that help to ease your work and provide you with a large amount of energy! Or are you looking for a pneumatic actuator that will utilize the air pressure of the surroundings and provide you with a large value of force?  When confused between the brand and supplier of an actuator (siłownik) that you want to invest your trust in, you can always count on Pneumatigl and be carefree to receive the best quality and variety of actuators. They have a wide range of pneumatic actuators designed for different purposes and with variable budgets so you can choose the one that fits your pocket. Well, it is quite important to understand the overall working of a pneumatic actuator, so let’s see that.

Working of a pneumatic actuator

The control signal of a pneumatic actuator is the valve’s input. This can be done with a large variety of input devices where each different pressure is a different set point in a valve. The value of a typical signal is 20-100kPa. This valve can be used to control a device that may have a constant out-flow and a variable in-flow. A pressure transmitter monitors this signal and transmits it. When an output of 20kPa is generated, it indicates that any pressure is absent while an output of 100kPa indicates the presence of high pressure. The output pressure rises with an increase in the input pressure. A small valve in a pneumatic Actuator can produce energy sufficient enough to lift a car. Imagine what the presence of a large number of valves will do?

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