House burglaries are common, so never ignore safety measures. Thousands of houses are robbed daily and the majority of such episodes could be prevented using simple methods.

Tips to enhance home security

Install a security system

There are myriads of alarm system types available for residential and commercial use. If you plan to buy a wireless alarm system then consider the available features. However, ensure to hire a reliable alarm systems installation companyMany new systems are designed to monitor and manage from your tablet or phone. These systems can even connect the smart features of your home and offer comprehensive safety and security.

Security camera

Wireless cameras are effective deterrents. Thieves stay away from being recorded. Home CCTV cameras are the smartest investment and monitoring devices. The new smart CCTV can be connected to your WIFI. It allows monitoring from remote locations or countries.

wireless home security systems

Light home exterior

Criminals generally act in darkness. Some strategic exterior lighting placement helps. Remove dark spaces and shadows from the yard, which may make the intruders feel comfortable. If your home has several doors and windows on the side then add more lights there. Use motion detectors because they are effective deterrents as well as energy-efficient.

Check your doors

The front door is a common access point, so check the locks. Ensure they are installed correctly and function properly. Have a deadbolt installed, if you don’t have one. The door frame has to be strong with quality hardware. You need to install hardware like a strike box or reinforcement plate for improved door safety.

Check the windows

Windows are also common access points for intruders. The first-floor windows are not the only access points, but even the basement and second floor need consideration. Make sure that window locks are unable to be opened from outside. Even ensure that the windows don’t open when forced. Replace the locks, if you feel they are unsafe.