Do you need to install windows in your home but aren’t sure how to get started? From the right tools and materials to the correct window measurements, we’ve created this guide to installing a window like an expert. Follow the five steps below and you’ll be ready to install your first window in no time. click here to learn more about these steps and how to install windows like an expert.

1) Locate the studs

  1. Find the studs by using a stud finder or knocking on the wall and listening for a hollow sound.
  2. Next, use a screwdriver or drill bit to make two small holes in the drywall at either end of the studs.
  3. Push an awl through one of these holes and into the other one until it hits something solid.
  4. Use a level to draw a horizontal line between these two holes, which will mark the center point of the window.
  5. Finally, measure out from this center point both horizontally and vertically according to your desired dimensions before marking those points with pencil lines.

2) Center your window

  1. Measure your window opening, noting the height and width.
  2. Draw an outline of the window on the wall that corresponds with your measurements and mark where the window will be centered horizontally, vertically and diagonally.

3) Frame Your Opening

Frame your opening. The easiest way to do this is by making a cardboard frame that is the same size as your window and positioning it where the window will be. With the cardboard in place, mark on the floor and wall where you need to cut or notch out parts of the framing. Click here to learn more about frames.

4) Install Your Sill Plate

  1. Determine where you want your window to go and mark the sill plate on the wall with painter’s tape. 2. Remove any trim boards or shoe molding from around the marked area, then use a chisel and hammer to knock out any nails that might be in the way of your sill plate (don’t worry about removing drywall).

5) Build Your Frame

1) Remove the old window. Carefully remove the old window from its frame, being careful not to break any of the glass. Using a putty knife and hammer, you can carefully pry it out of place. Set aside in a safe place for later.

2) Measure and cut your new window frame using your measurements from step one. There are different types of wood (pine, oak, etc.) that have different strengths so be sure you’re using something appropriate for your needs.